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5 simple steps to avoid osteoporosis  without dangerous drugs or calcium supplements

Osteoporosis is very common as people age, especially in women. It’s the most common cause of hip fractures. Mind you, many people think that if someone with osteoporosis falls, they break their [...]

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A health decision President Trump got 100 percent right

President Trump has gone on record saying that he doesn’t get the flu shot — ever. And he’s never gotten the flu. So, since today is President’s Day, I thought we’d take some time to celebrate [...]

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The science of emotions for drinking alcohol

Earlier this month, I told you how the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) published a baseless manifesto against any and all alcohol consumption. They decided to toss aside the breadth [...]

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11 major benefits from one common kitchen spice

Black pepper is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used spices throughout the world. Yet it’s much more than a simple flavor enhancer. In fact, it offers a multitude of incredible health [...]

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A delicious boost for your lung health — especially for former smokers

Government researchers have never looked beyond smoking as the end-all, be-all cause of lung cancer for the past three decades. And they pushed smoking prevention and cessation as the one and [...]

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Colonoscopies present grave danger to those with Irritable Bowel Disease

I often write about the many dangers of colonoscopy as a screening technique for colon cancer. It’s portrayed as a benign, safe procedure and commonly accepted as a necessary preventative [...]

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Routine cancer screenings may cause unnecessary risks

For years I’ve been writing to you about the dangers and futility of “routine” cancer screenings. And two prominent experts in the field made the same case against them in the January 2018 issue [...]

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